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Video of the Month!

Click below to see GM Simon Williams' new video about the Winawer Poisoned Pawn (we recommend you look at it full screen).
Simon's You Tube channel is, and click here for his Ginger GM shop.

The subsequent videos will be decided by ChessPub Forum members, and you can also download the associated PGN file from this thread.

Recent additions

September 20
Nimzo and Benonis
Another g4 lunge by White in the Nimzo!
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September 18
English and Flank
Exciting times for Flank Openings!
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September 17
1 e4 ...
Even the best players often go wrong when confronted with unusual ideas!
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September 16
Dragon Sicilians
A heavyweight clash as big as it comes!
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September 16
d-Pawn Specials
Gambit time!
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September 15
1 e4 e5
The strongest tournament in the history of chess!
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September 14
French Defence
Concentrating on the Tarrasch and MacCutcheon variations
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September 13
Open Sicilians
Extremely spectacular Open Sicilians!